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HP Goes After Injection Molding with Boosted Efforts in 3D Printing

Source: Plastics News

By Audrey Laforest

December 4, 2017

HP 3D PrintersHP Inc. has boosted its presence in additive manu-
facturing by expanding its portfolio of 3D printers.
Detroit — Can 3D printing compete on the same manufacturing level as injection molding? HP Inc.'s David Woodlock thinks it can — eventually.

Woodlock, who handles market development for 3D printing at the company's offices in Vancouver, Wash., spoke Nov. 8 at the 2017 Design in Plastics conference about HP's ongoing efforts to grow additive manufacturing into a $12 trillion manufacturing market.

"How do we get out of [3D printing] being 'I can make one part and two parts' into 'I can make 1,000 parts. I can make 10,000 parts. I can make a million parts?'" he asked the audience.

Woodlock said it is something HP and other industry stakeholders are going to have to figure out because "it's not really happening today."

"The way we're figuring it out is we are trying, we are learning," he said. "We're failing a lot, but really, most importantly, we're learning from our customers."

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